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Full Name as per NRIC
Ability to do 4-handed Dentistry Chairside Assisting including Oral Surgery, Fillings, Root Canal, Scaling and Polishing, Orthodontic Procedures, Dentures and Crowns and other chairside procedures.

Adept knowledge of Dental terminologies and procedures.

Assist in providing diagnostic aids like taking x-rays and casting of models.

Perform Clinical Support procedures including but not limited to opening and closing of the clinic, check inventory and supplies, setting up of room for the scheduled treatment procedures, cleaning, sterilization and maintenance of dental instruments and using equipment like autoclave machine, PA/ OPG x-ray machine, light cure, amalgamator, ultrasonic scaler, ultrasonic machine, sealer, distiller etc.

Ability to obtain medical and oral health history and provide follow up pre- and post-operative instructions to patients.

Ability to use dental software like Exact, Medi-2000, Medisys Software, clinic Assist, Macpractice and other Xray Software like Easydent, Romexis.

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